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Episode #220: Antony Loewenstein (Independent Journalist, “Disaster Capitalism)

Antony Loewenstein (Independent Journalist, “Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe”) joins the show. We discuss how disaster capitalism has spread across the globe completely unchecked, and threatens every citizen on the planet.   Show Notes You can purchase

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Episode #185: Liv Corfixen, Nicolas Winding Refn (Filmmakers, MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN, ONLY GOD FORGIVES)

Liv Corfixen (MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN) and Nicolas Winding Refn (ONLY GOD FORGIVES) join the show. We discuss Liv’s fascinating and intimate new documentary that explores the making of her husband’s most recent film.   Show Notes

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